Breathing New Life into 3D Renderings

August 1, 2016 Posted by Stefanie Good - No Comments

Architectural renderings are an extremely useful and necessary tool.  Many people unfamiliar with 2D drawings can have difficulty visualizing what a project will look like upon completion. Countless times, we have presented 3D renderings to Zoning Boards and neighborhood meetings, to illustrate our designs and how it will affect the surrounding areas.

And often times, our clients wish to use 3D renderings as marketing tools to help gain presales while the building is under construction. After all, having most or all of your units sold before the building is complete, is every developer’s dream.  If potential buyers can imagine themselves in the spaces we create, they are far more likely to sign on the dotted line.

Not so long ago, O’Sullivan Architects provided stunning hand-colored graphics.  While these were beautiful and works of art in themselves, they were time consuming and costly for clients. So we transitioned into 3D modeling using a popular software program that was easy to learn and, once adept, we produced 3D graphics in a timely fashion.  It provided us a way to incorporate interior and exterior images, and walkthroughs.

North East Perspective - Prior 3D Rendering

North East Perspective – Prior 3D Rendering

And while it is a great program and has been instrumental in many of our projects, it has limitations.  In order to provide more realistic graphics, we initially tried using an Add-On to take our existing models and transform them into something more lifelike. While the results were impressive, the wait time was incredibly inconvenient and not at all cost-effective for either us or the clients.  It would require long, tedious hours of waiting and making adjustments for an better image.

Needless to say, we needed a faster and smarter solution.  So, thanks to one of the great minds here at O’Sullivan Architects, research was undertaken and demos were downloaded and performed until a program was located that effortlessly provided beautiful visualizations of our designs in a matter of minutes.

That’s right, minutes.

So now, using the same building, we can use our new capabilities and create something that is not only realistic, but offers easy and fast design editing.

North East Perspective - New 3D Rendering

North East Perspective – New 3D Rendering

What a difference!

Not only that, but we can now add the site location to include surrounding buildings, roads, moving cars, changing seasons, sunrise and sunset options, and even weather demonstrations and all of it can be done in a matter of minutes.  We no longer have to dread dealing with time consuming adjustments and the accompanying frustration.  We can now present our clients with real world images of their projects.


3D Rendering Animation

Undoubtedly this is a valuable resource and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to our clients, instead of outsourcing to a 3D rendering firm who may not fully understand the project’s nuances and simply churn out graphics as quickly as possible with little thought of how the building works and the surrounding site.  Our clients are quickly receiving full advantage of this much improved service, not only for planning and approval purposes, but also marketing.  Our interior renderings are also quite impressive now that we have the ability to add lighting sources and even a blazing fire in the hearth if you prefer!

Still not convinced?  

Let’s compare!

Prior 3D Rendering of Model Unit - New 3D Rendering of Model Unit

Prior 3D Rendering of Model Unit                                                            New 3D Rendering of Model Unit

Prior Version                                               New Version

In the image above, we have a typical former rendering on the left. While this image certainly provides a feel for the room and how the space might be used, it still falls severely flat in regards to how you might actually occupy the space.  Now, compare it to the image on the right, which is the exact same space, but now you can see how the wood floors reflect the sunlight pouring in through the glass and doesn’t that loaf of bread on the counter look good enough to eat?  This visualization bestows a warmth to the space that cannot be achieved in the graphic on the left.

It certainly breathes new life into our work, don’t you think?

New 3D Model Unit

New 3D Model Unit


Interior Perspective - New 3D Rendering

Interior Perspective – New 3D Rendering