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May 22, 2014 Posted by Donnie Garrity - No Comments

HB_OSA homepage

We at O’Sullivan Architects are pleased to announce that we have created a profile on Honestbuildings.com, a networking website established for the construction and real estate industry. Described by its founder as “a cross between Yelp and LinkedIn for the built environment,” Honestbuildings.com works much like those two familiar online platforms, however, it is specifically geared towards connecting different companies within and across disciplines of the building industry. Owners, architects, general contractors, consulting engineers, and others across the nation can create profiles that are designed to connect different parties and firms based on shared projects, experience, location, and specific skill sets for past, present, and future projects.

Here’s a brief video on the basics of HB:

Honest Buildings Intro from Garrett on Vimeo.

This new platform now provides the building industry with a dedicated networking website, designed to help connect owners to design and construction professionals. As the industry continues to progress into the digital age, we now have an avenue to help enable new partnerships for new projects. And while Honestbuildings is a comprehensive platform with a host of resources, it really shines out as a powerful research tool for prospective owners, providing data-driven transparency into the often inscrutable AEC industry, and they’re on twitter, to boot.

Owners and developers can enter (confidentially) basic information about their project and be provided with a list of recommended architects, engineers and contractors who have demonstrated experience in the proposed building program, site location, and technical challenges the project might entail. The success or failure of a given project can often be attributed to the suitability of a project and its team, and Honestbuildings can give owners confidence that there is a good fit between the two.

HB Match for Owners and Developers from Garrett on Vimeo.

Often times the expansion of one’s network via the usual channels can be difficult or limiting, often requiring large time commitments when considering the traditional meet-and-greet opportunities like conventions, award events, or fundraisers. While these events are extremely valuable and time-tested, the internet now provides us with another opportunity to facilitate the growth of our personal and business connections in a much more efficient way.

Whether it is an owner looking to connect with a new team in a new market, an owner in search of project team with specific set of skills and experience, or an architect, builder or owner looking to expand their network of business relationships, Honestbuildings appears to be a powerful resource and we look forward to making the most of it. We will be updating our page with project updates frequently, so please check back often!