Thorndike Street, Brookline, MA

March 21, 2021 Posted by William McElhiney - No Comments

The project goal was to renovate and restore this once grand house, previously converted into student rental housing.  The owner requirement:  maximize the finished living space allowed under zoning.  We added living space in basement and attic.

The program for both units:  design nice entry, open living/dining/kitchen and 3-4 bedrooms and 3+ baths, with private outdoor space and parking. Basement and first floor became one luxury unit, second floor and attic constitute the second unit.

We created pleasant living space in basement with the use of light wells and digging the basement out to increase headroom. The narrow basement stair was replaced with a new, open, wide stair which provided a better connection between the two levels.

For the upper unit, we retained the grand decorative stair setting the tone for the connection to the attic.  The attic program required additional space, we extended the rear by creating a new dormer.  To reduce the tight, dark space at top of stairs, we added a dormer connecting the two existing front dormers, while maintaining the historic character of the house and increasing light and headroom for the stairs.