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Blending Tradition and Innovation: O'Sullivan Architects Unveils New Multi-Family Condo, "The Postmark" and Post 1917 Restaurant in Reading

In the heart of Reading, a stunning new development proudly stands as a testament to the seamless integration of historic charm and modern living. O'Sullivan Architects (OSA) is thrilled to introduce a unique project that not only enhances the community's architectural landscape but also enriches its cultural fabric. This latest venture includes The Postmark, a multi-family condominium complex thoughtfully conjoined with the historic post office building, now home to the much-anticipated and recently opened "Post 1917" steakhouse.

Preserving History While Pioneering the Future

At OSA, we take pride in our commitment to preserving history while pushing the boundaries of innovation. The historical post office, a landmark in Reading since its establishment, has been meticulously restored and transformed. Maintaining the integrity of the original structure, OSA has reimagined this space to house "Post 1917," a modern culinary destination led by the renowned Chef Jason Carron.

Culinary Excellence at Post 1917

Jason Carron, a visionary in the New England culinary scene, brings over two decades of expertise and passion to "Post 1917." Known for transforming struggling restaurants into celebrated establishments, Chef Carron now focuses his talents on his own venture, promising an unparalleled dining experience. "Post 1917" merges a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a local touch, adhering to a farm-to-table philosophy that guarantees the freshest ingredients in every dish. The result? A menu that's not only a feast for the eyes but a delight for the palate.

OSA and Community Engagement

Integral to OSA's mission is fostering community engagement through thoughtful architectural design. This project is not just about buildings and businesses; it's about creating spaces that bring people together and contribute positively to the local ecosystem. This commitment to community is reflected in every aspect of our work and is central to our ethos as a local business.

Visit and Connect

We invite everyone to experience this unique blend of history and modernity at "The Postmark" and Post 1917. The restaurant is now open for dinner, offering a culinary experience that epitomizes the tagline, "A steakhouse: City vibe, Local heart." For reservations, call directly, visit their new website, or book through Open Table.

As we celebrate this new addition to our portfolio, OSA continues to seek ways to innovate and engage with the community of Reading and beyond. We look forward to embarking on new projects and reaching new heights together

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