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170 West Broadway

Mixed Use -
Urban Infill


South Boston, Massachusetts

170 West Broadway - Front Entrance
170 West Broadway - Restaurant and Residential Lobby
170 West Broadway - Residential Lobby

Our team of experienced architects work closely with our clients to create custom designs for mixed use projects. We believe in designing spaces that are functional, beautiful, and meet the needs of our clients.

170 West Broadway has been meticulously designed to integrate with the historic South Boston neighborhood while offering a fresh, modern approach to living and working. Our team has navigated the city approval process with care, ensuring the building fits seamlessly into its surroundings. Every detail, from the exterior facade to the interior finishes, has been thoughtfully considered to provide the ultimate living and working experience in South Boston.

170 West Broadway
Parallel Lines
170 West Broadway - Front Entrance

OSA designed 170 West Broadway to be a perfect blend of new and old. Our building features a contemporary structure with a charming brick façade that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. We’ve incorporated both familiar and modern design elements into our spaces, providing a harmonious balance that is both inspiring and functional. Come experience it for yourself today.

170 West Broadway - Residential Entrance
170 West Broadway - Living room
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